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Cats played in Berlin from 20th October 2002 - 30th January 2004.

Production Specifics[]

After Hamburg and Stuttgart, Berlin was the third German production of the show. The costumes were developed from the Hamburg/Stuttgart designs and began to show UK design influences, while they used the UK designs for the wigs and make-up. For Berlin, the show was retranslated by Michael Kunze (who wrote the 80's Vienna translation) and the score as well as the choreography was updated and very similar to the final London version. Berlin was the first German version to include Electra. It was the first German production that had Chrissie Cartwright as Associate Director.

Berlin used the NAP 15 set, which had already been used in Antwerp (Belgium) and Stuttgart before.

It was not the first time Cats played in Berlin. The 1987 Vienna cast previously performed at the Komische Oper in East-Berlin as a short guest appearance during the Vienna summer break.

Berlin Musical Theatre Cats


The Berlin cast of Cats played at the Theater am Potsdamer Platz which is the venue of the annual Berlin International Film Festival.

Creative team[]


Following the closure of the London production in May 2002, several cast members transferred directly into the same roles in this production: most notably John Partridge as Rum Tum Tugger, Benjamin Tyrrell as Mistoffelees, and Jack Rebaldi as Munkustrap, in addition to several smaller roles or swings from the last few years of the London production. Mark John Richardson also joined as Pouncival, having last played Carbucketty in London 2000.

Role October 2002 July 2003[1] November 2003
Alonzo / Rumpus Katz Zoltán Ádok Paul Stampehl
Asparagus / Bustopher Mürr / Growltiger Jeff Shankley Ethan Freeman
Bombalurina Sabine Hettlich Natacza Soozie Boon
Cassandra Constanze Möricke
Coricopat Sanny Roumimper (until July 2003) Anton Perez
Demeter Lada Kummer (until July 2003) Susa Meyer
Electra Tiziana Doneda
Grizabella Cornelia Drese (until May 2003) Nadja Solovieva Cornelia Drese (from Nov 2003)
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Tersia Potgieter
Jenny Fleckenfell / Gumbie Katz Nadja Solovieva Colleen Besett Nadja Solovieva (from Nov 2003)
Mistoffelees Benjamin Tyrrell
Mungojerrie Markus Giess
Munkustrap Jack Rebaldi (until March 2003) Rüdiger Reschke (from April 2003)
Old Deuteronomy Anton Rattinger
Plato / Macavity Gido Schimanski
Pouncival Mark John Richardson
Rum Tum Tugger John Partridge
Rumpleteazer Roimata Templeton Selma Rudalics
Sillabub Leah delos Santos Julia Berger (from Dec 2002)
Skimbleshanks Uli Scherbel
Tantomile Karin Sang
Tumblebrutus Scott Owen Thomas Margies Scott Owen
Victoria Bridie Rack
cover Grizabella Roimata Templeton
Booth Patricia Gressley Colleen Besett
Booth Christiane Heinke Francesca Taverni
Booth Steffen Friedrich LaSinga Koloamatangi
Booth Lachlan Youngberg
Swing Natalie Holtom
Swing Tanja-Maria Meier
Swing Elena Margarolo
Swing Roswitha Stadlmann
Swing Dimitri Frid
Swing Michael Knese
Swing Romeo Salazar
Swing Paul Stampehl
Swing Stephan Zenker
Swing Nils Olof Sundberg
Swing Friedrich Bührer (from Jan 2003)
Swing LaSinga Koloamatangi (from Jan 2003)
Swing Scott Owen
Swing Yvonne Ritz Andersen (Sep 2003)
Swing Zoltán Ádok
Swing Jacqueline Dunnley-Wendt
Swing Michelle Marier
Swing Sheila Kaminski (from Sep 2003)








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