'Cats' Musical Wiki

The Australian score originated with the Original Australian Production in 1985, and has barely changed since. Based mostly on the Broadway score, with the Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer based on the Vienna version, the only significant change was the removal of Mistoffelees' singing parts around 2001, making him a mute character.

Used in many countries, including all Australian and Asian (except Japan) productions prior to 2015, Germany prior to 2002, South Africa and world tours.

Notable features of the score include:

  • Mistoffelees sang the first chorus of Invitation prior to his singing being cut, replaced by Munkustrap. The ensemble chorus of the song is retained.
  • The original beginning of the Gumbie tap is retained, although there is no tap-off.
  • Originally Munkustrap, Mistoffelees and Alonzo all sang "terrible bore" of in Tugger, later replaced with just Munkustrap.
  • The Bustopher solo is shortened.
  • In Old Deuteronomy, the chorus is sung "No, yes..." until Deuteronomy arrives on the stage, when it changes to "Yes, no..."
  • The Jellicle Ball has none of the music cuts of other productions.
  • Jellylorum and Sillabub's lines in the Grizabella reprise are retained.
  • Growltiger sings the Aria, not the Ballad. The full sword fight music is retained.
  • The longer beginning of the Macavity fight is retained.
  • Prior to his singing being removed, Mistoffelees sang the second verse of his song himself.