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The 2015 Australia / New Zealand Tour of Cats ran from September 2015 to May 2016, through various stops of Australia and New Zealand. It utilized the reworked material that originated in the 2014 West End Revival.

Production Specifics[]

The 2015 Australia/New Zealand tour was the first production to recreate the updated material from the 2014 London Palladium production, including "Street Cat" Tugger, as well as the updated Gumbie Tap and Growltiger scenes.

In addition to the new material, several smaller alterations were made to the previous 2014 Asia Tour match the UK score:

  • The third verse of solo lines in the Prologue were redistributed.
  • Mistoffelees singing Invitation instead of Munkustrap, and the ensemble second chorus cut entirely.
  • The Trio singing harmony during Munkustrap's second verse of Gumbie Cat.
  • Extended Bustopher Jones solo.
  • A cut in the beginning of the Jellicle Ball.
  • The beginning of the Macavity fight, with Macavity taking Demeter, was cut.
  • The names of Sillabub, Plato and Tumblebrutus were changed to Jemima, Admetus and Bill Bailey respectively.

Non-score changes included:

  • The on-stage swings were mostly cut, instead only emerging from the vocal booth during Naming and at the end of the interval.
  • To compensate for the loss of the chorus cats, Electra and George were added as permanent ensemble roles.
  • Carbucketty was added as an ensemble role, taking the solo lines in the score, and becoming the sixth member of Growltiger's crew. Pouncival was retained, keeping his character and position in the dances, including the pas de deux with Victoria.
  • Remaking costumes and restyling all of the wigs, resulting in a blended style that was neither Australian, nor UK; e.g. Rumpleteazer with a UK colour palette, but Australian brush strokes.
  • The Beetle tap costumes had their coloured spots removed, resulting in plain black costumes, and the wings were no longer opened. They also no longer carried cutlery.
  • The front of Rumpus's full face mask was cut open.
  • The Growltiger backdrop was removed.
  • Some choreography changes to the Gumbie Trio, the end of the Jellicle Ball, and the Macavity fight, giving Munkustrap more of the fight than usual, but still less than Alonzo.

Creative Team[]

  • Associate Director & Choreographer to Trevor Nunn & Gillian Lynne: Jo-Anne Robinson
  • Musical Director: Paul White
  • Musical Supervisor: Fiz Shapur
  • Head of Wigs and Make up: Sharon Case / Lidiya Kaplun
  • Sound Designer: Ki Young Kim
  • Lighting Supervisor: Greg Yates
  • Resident Director: Stephen Morgante
  • Resident Choreographer: Emma Delmenico
  • Gumbie Tap Choreography by Bill Deamer
  • Producers: Lunchbox Theatrical Productions, David Atkins Enterprises, Base Entertainment Asia, and The Really Useful Group

Tour Dates[]

City, Country Theatre Dates Grizabella
Auckland, New Zealand Civic Theatre 11/09/15 - 11/10/15 Sophia Ragavelas
Sydney, Australia Capitol Theatre 30/10/15 - 22/11/15 Delta Goodrem
Hobart, Australia Derwent Theatre 10/12/15 - 13/12/15 Delta Goodrem
Melbourne, Australia Regent Theatre 18/12/15 - 10/01/16 Delta Goodrem
Brisbane, Australia Lyric Theatre 29/01/16 - 14/02/16 Delta Goodrem
Adelaide, Australia Festival Theatre 18/03/16 - 10/04/16 Delia Hannah
Perth, Australia Crown Theatre 16/04/16 - 08/05/16 Delia Hannah


09/2015 - 05/2016[1][2]
Role Performer
Admetus / Macavity James Cooper (Dance Captain)
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones / Growltiger Josh Piterman
Alonzo Keanu Gonzalez
Bill Bailey Taylor Scanlan
Bombalurina Sarah Landy
Carbucketty Tobias Madden
Cassandra Emily Keane
Coricopat Patrick Whitbread
Demeter Amy Berrisford
Electra Bree Langridge
George Sam Hooper
Grizabella Sophia Ragavelas (09/15 - 10/15)
Delta Goodrem (10/15 - 02/16)
Delia Hannah (03/16 - 05/16)
Jellylorum / Griddlebone Samantha Morley
Jemima Stephanie Silcock
Jennyanydots Holly Meegan
Mistoffelees Christopher Favaloro
Mungojerrie Brent Osborne
Munkustrap Matt McFarlane
Old Deuteronomy Jason Wasley
Pouncival Thomas Johansson
Rumpleteazer Dominique Hamilton
Rum Tum Tugger Daniel Assetta
Skimbleshanks Ross Hannaford
Tantomile Ashleigh Hauschild
Victoria Jade Hui-Wen Coutts
Grizabella Standby Erin Cornell
Swing: Olivia Madeline Cain (Vocal Captain)
Swing Emma Delmenico
Swing: Etcetera Erin James
Swing Andrew Dunne
Swing: Victor Matt Edwards
Swing Stephen Morgante

The Cast won the 2015 Green Room Award for Best Ensemble of a Musical. Josh Piterman won Supporting Actor and Amy Berrisford was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in their respective roles.




Media Coverage[]

Cats Returns to Adelaide - Photo Feature

Press release:

CATS, one of the greatest musicals of all time.

With magnificent music composed by the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber, including the poignant hit song “Memory”, an imaginative set, dazzling choreography and stunning costumes, CATS is a brilliant song and dance spectacular not to be missed.

One of the longest-running shows in West End and Broadway history, CATS has enchanted more than 70 million people in over 300 cities around the world, and won a record-breaking number of awards.

Adapted from T S Eliot’s “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”, the show is alive with highly entertaining feline characters and wonderful verse, as the Jellicle Cats come out to play in a larger-than-life junk yard on the night of the Jellicle Ball. One by one they tell their stories for the amusement of Old Deuteronomy, who must choose one of the Cats to ascend to the Heaviside Layer to be reborn into a new life.

CATS is quite simply a phenomenon – you won’t believe your eyes!

From 11 September 2015, Australia & New Zealand

Awards and Nominations[]

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