'Cats' Musical Wiki

Cats opened at the Carré Theatre in Amsterdam on July 18, 1987, and played until November that year. The production ran again from August 18, 1988 to October that year and was ran a third time from November 17, 1992 to August 29, 1993.

Production Specifics

The production used a set labelled NAP 12 set, although it was a different set than the one used in Zurich and on the UK tour (which was labelled NAP 12 as well). The set was built for the theatre's round circus-based stage.

The Carré Theatre was being renovated in 1992 and 1993, but since only the arena was required to stage the production, the theatre was able to run Cats for a third time.[1] Because of the construction work, the dressing rooms had to be set up on the river in front of the theatre.[2] This third run was originally planned to end on March 31, 1993 but the date was later changed to August 29, 1993.

Creative Team


Role July 1987 August 1988[3] November 1992
Alonzo Sambal Herbert Neutgens Tom Hillyard / Herbert Neutgens Maurits van der Linden
Asparagus / Bustopher Jones / Growltiger Abrikoos / Ghiselbert Smit / Snauwtijger Marco Vermie
Bombalurina Bomballerien Jina Broughten Corine Boon / Jina Broughten Joyce Stevens / Jina Broughten
Cassandra Wilma Hoornstra Patricia Bos
Coricopat Wagenschrik Leo de Groot Fons van Kraaij
Demeter Debbie Jenner Marion Hägele / Debbie Jenner Wilma Hoornstra / Brigitte Derks
Grizabella Grisabella Ruth Jacott Ellen Evers
Jellylorum Antimakassa Jackie van Oppen Niki Romijn Suzanne Heyne
Jennyanydots / Griddlebone Spikkelpikkelmies / Gillebeen Renée Knapp Pam Lloyd Delia Mayer
Mistoffelees Dr. Diavolo Kevin Poe / Jamie Cohen Jean-Marc Genet Alan Stuart / Guy-Paul de St Germain
Mungojerrie Scharrelnelis Ramon Visser
also Quaxo (Xinix)
Martin Matthias Ysebaert Michiel Verkoren
also Quaxo (Xinix)
Munkustrap Snorrescha Kyle Boynton Stanley Burleson Hans Mors
Old Deuteronomy Oom Deuteromium Rob van de Meeberg / Jan Polak Jan Polak Brian Galliford
Plato / Macavity / Rumpus Cat Plato / Van Zonderen / Braniekat Malco Rev Martin Michel
Pouncival Pouncival Frans Schraven also Genghis (Djangus) Jonathan Burnett also Genghis (Djangus), Quaxo (Xinix) / Andrew Pacho Alan Stuart also Genghis (Djangus)
Rum Tum Tugger Tuk-stuk-rukker Fred Butter Frank Hoelen Fred Butter
Rumpleteazer Lorrenjopie Meike Staring
Sillabub Sylvani Nancy Nijenhuis Suvi Eloranta
Skimbleshanks Abelkouw Corné du Crocq Reinbert Martijn
Tantomile Mijlenschrok Brigitte Derks Isabella Möller
Tumblebrutus Tombrutus Ton Voogt / David Ward Ton Voogt / Andrew Pacho Ad Oudijn
Victoria Ellis van Evert Margit Tenkanen
Ensemble / Understudy Corine Boon Jacqueline Aronson Ellen Bakker
Ensemble / Understudy Peter Bording Mondésir Banzouzi
Ensemble / Understudy Stanley Burleson Karin van As
Ensemble / Understudy Pia Douwes Jean-Claude Cazettes Alberto ter Doest
Ensemble / Understudy Frank Hoelen Hella Koffeman
Ensemble / Understudy Niki Romijn Regina Pechtold Margot Giselle
Ensemble / Understudy Jonathan Burnett Frank Poulussen Dennis Kivit
Ensemble / Understudy Micheline Gykiere Ritsert Bosch
Ensemble / Understudy Melissa Haizlip Ronald Aitink Louis-Fritz Maurer
Ensemble / Understudy Anne Peter Els Bongers Rien Slingerland
Ensemble / Understudy Rick Somsen Herman van Doorn Hans Cassa
Ensemble / Understudy Rik Luijcx Melissa 't Hart
Ensemble / Understudy Winanda van Vliet Sabine van der Helm
Ensemble / Understudy Andreas Royce

Jan Mesdag was originally cast as Gus in 1987, but had to leave the production during rehearsals due to illness. Marco Vermie was an understudy at the time and took over the role.

In the 1992 production, two actors took turns performing the roles of Bombalurina, Demeter and Mistoffelees.