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This is the gallery for the character of Alonzo, featuring productions that opened between 1990 - 1999. Generally he appears as a striking black and white tom, but some productions paint him as a golden tabby.

This gallery is split into decades:

Alonzo does not feature in the Japanese production, rather his characteristics are split between Carbucketty and Rumpus Cat.


UK Productions

Original London Production

(See 1980s)

1998 Film

Jason Gardiner as Alonzo.

UK Tour 1993-95

US Productions

Original Broadway Production

(See 1980s)

US Tour 4

(See 1980s)

Australian Productions

Australia Tour 1993

German Productions

Hamburg 1986 - 2001

(See 1980s)

Other Productions

Zurich 1991 - European Tour 1994

Mexico Tour 1991

Buenos Aires 1993

Antwerp 1996